Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Ep. 5 Recap

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is full of relationship issues and drama. Between Erica and Scrappy’s transparent engagement, K Michelle’s broken “hot pocket”, and Mimi’s failed attempt at a new relationship it all is a pure mess.

Apparently Erica let Scrappy move back into the house. But after going through Scrappy’s phone Erica found secret text messages that Scrappy is sending to other chicks and Erica calls off the engagement.

Now Mimi Introduces the crew to her new found love Nikko. Mimi claims she has known Nikko for 12 years, but Mimi and Stevie have been together for 15. Something is not quite adding up Mimi.

Karlie Red is called out on her lying ways cause apparently she tells nothing but lies and fairytales.

Rasheeda and Kirk’s marriage is on the rocks and finances are the reason. In the mist of this turmoil Rasheeda finds out she is pregnant and is not a happy camper.

Traci Steele is a delusional baby mama. Traci and Drew sits down to talk about the money to launch Drew’s new shoe store.

Watch the episode in its entirety below and let me know what you think.



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