Vine Lurking: Hit that #Terio

All day yesterday I saw “Hit the Terio”  pop up on my twitter  timeline. So of course you know I had to do some research and dig. Well turns out it this was a video on Vine,a mobile app owned by Twitter that allows its users to create and post 6 second video clips. I don’t know who Maleek is, but his cousin Terio is a trip! There are several vines of Terio cuttin’ up and dancin’ and they are pure comedy. The icing on the cake is Maleek’s background noise eggin’ Terio on to dance, “Oooooo”.  Terio saved vine before InstaVid killed it.  Catch all the vines below. I bet you want stop laughing.

The FUNNIEST video clip was this one 



Author: kgfranklin

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