Usher’s 5-Year Old Son In ICU, might be Losing Parenting Rights

Usher’s 5-year-old son, Usher Raymond V, is in an Atlanta hospital after he was in a pool accident Monday evening. Apparently he dove down to get a toy stuck in a drain and his arm got caught. His aunt, a maid and 2 men working in the house rescued him. Usher was not at home at the time. Usher 5  is expected to fully recover.


Not happy with Usher being absent during her son’s pool incident, Tameka Raymond has filed documents  in Fulton County, Georgia, claiming Usher is abandoning his parental responsibilities and has unfit people watching them in his absence. Tameka has had issues with Usher’s aunt watching after her  boys in the past, who allegedly let a stalker in the house where the children and Usher were living.  



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