A Tru Lady’s #LateNightHashtags: Remembering Mandela

While everyone is sleep I’m usually up scrolling timelines, looking at insta vids  pics, watching vines, and tweet lurking. In the wee hours of the night, celebs posted some quite interesting pictures on Instagram captivating moments in their life. Check out the quick pics below from last night.

Today’s #latenighthashtags are dedicated to Nelson Mandela. We, In the Cut, appreciate every effort and accomplishment Mandela contributed to African American history. Your principles live on through us.

  • Oprah remembers Nelson Mandela and says he will always be her hero

  • P Diddyshares how inspiring Mandela was to him

  • R Kelly sends his condolences to Nelson Mandella & his family

  • Tyrese shares that Mandella’s strength will be passed on to our younger generation

  • Beyonce remembers meeting Mandela with Jay Z



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