Fugees Director Jailed For Having Children With His Daughters

Award-winning music director, Aswad Ayinde, of Paterson, NJ has been sentenced 90 years in prison after a judge found him guilty of fathering (6) children with his own daughters. If Aswad name seems familiar, he was the director for the Fugees hit video, Killing Me Softly

Daily Mail reports

In a disturbing disclosure during his first trial, Mr. Ayinde’s former wife said he was trying to create a ‘pure family bloodline’ by impregnating his daughters. He even claimed during a pre-trial hearing before the first trial that ‘the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen.’

 In this latest trial, it was revealed that Mr. Ayinde began having intercourse with his second daughter from the time she eight-years-old, impregnating her four times.

 The sexual assaults happened for almost 30 years until Mr. Ayinde and his wife separated, officials said. They occurred in numerous homes across northern New Jersey, even while the family was under watch of state child welfare officials, according to NBC New York. Some of the rapes even took place in an abandoned funeral home.

I pose the question, is the mother at fault as much as the father? What are your thoughts?

Twitter Reacts to this disturbing news

Aswad Ayinde had kids with his daughters while his wife was there. In the house. Unreal
— Spelled FUCK YOU (@YVEvil_Genius1) January 7, 2014

This Aswad Ayinde guy is so disgusting. How are you gonna have children with your daughters? And the mother was okay with it happening
— Random tweeter (@num1honee) January 7, 2014

Aswad Ayinde from the Fugee who directed the 1996 hit track ‘KILLING ME SOFTLY’ must have health issues seriously kmt yuck how sick is that
— IamVenusChrome (@VenusChrome) January 6, 2014



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