Kevin Gates Arrested For Probation Violations

While scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw a post with the hashtag #FreeGates. In shock because Gates just kilt the stage in New Orleans for Bayou Classic weekend. Of course I did some digging and found out Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates was picked up and arrested on a probation violation charge. Various sources reveal  Kevin Gates was arrested for traveling without the permission from a Louisiana judge in violation of his probation. If you remember Kevin Gates served time from 2009 until 2011.  A source  described the nature of his probation violation as “not serious” but with Gates recent travels to cities such as New York City, Chicago and Atlanta raised an eyebrow.

Gates is a reformed hard head so this seems to be a minor bump in the road. On a lighter note, Kevin Gates record Twilight (War With God)  was featured in last night’s episode of VH1’s Black Ink. This is the second feature Gates has received from the reality show. I see big things in Gates’ future. Check out the track below.



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