A Tru Lady’s #LateNightHashtags: I Woke Up Like This

While everyone is sleep I’m usually up scrolling timelines, looking at insta vids  pics, watching vines, and tweet lurking. In the wee hours of the night, celebs posted some quite interesting pictures on Instagram captivating moments in their life. Check out the quick pics below from last night.

  • Amber Rose gives Baby Bash a face full of cake #HappyBirthdaybash

  • Mario says he had a dream he was in the new Spartan movie #WokeUpLikeThis

  • Gabriel Union is enjoying airport margaritas #takeflight

  • Diddy spends time in the park with his daughters #familytime

  • Oprah is photobombed by Idris Elbra  #NAACPAwards



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