Vine Lurking: #NEVAAAAAMovement

You know I’m lurked out on social media sites half the time. Every week on Vine there is at least one person that everyone talks about and remakes vines about. This week goes to Summerella, who chose to share with her followers how she would treat a girl if she was guy.

We all have Yani Punani to blame for the non stop madness.  Check out Summerrella clips below and check out my favorite remakes.

She also made this other one to coincide. Check it out.

And here our my top favorite remakes


TCameron From #VINECODE


#NEVAAAAAMovement This movement is mad funny.

Domonique Anthony
Lmao #RP Beyoncé was like : #thetribe #nevvvvaaaamovement lol



ItzAlvin_ (Bruhh)
When a ugly nigga tries to hit you up




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