Kevin Gates “Posed To Be In Love” [Video]

Baton Rouge Own Kevin Gates releases the visuals for his latest single, Posed To Be In Love, from his By Any Means EP. This video has to be one of the most detailed videos Gates has released.

The Philly Flyboy video gives an inside look of a couple and their relationship turmoil. The leading lady is in a relationship where she feels unappreciated. When woman feel unappreciated  they tend to do things just to make their man aware. The leading lady in the video goes out and returns home to a drunk boyfriend ready to fight.The story line is so familiar but realistic.  This type of scenario is happening around the nation daily. I commend Gates for touching on this subject.

The leading lady is portrayed by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erika Pinkett. Surprisingly  Erica revealed she has been through a domestic violence situation.

Gates opens the song off with these words “I thought it was legal to beat your hoe.” Even though these words may seem harsh, Kevin relays the message on his instagram page that he was not refereing to physically beating your girlfriend.

Watch the video Posed To Be In Love  video below. What are your thoughts?



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