A Tru Lady’s Top 5 Ratchet Moments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion PT 3.

Finally the ratchet soap opera Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has finally come to an end. The cast gives more behind the scenes insight. Plus Benzino, Althea and Stevie J, Joseline sit down for a one on one interview due to last weeks fight. Kalenna and Tony talk more about their open marriage and her relationship with Ashley

If you pay attention Thea Thea and Benzino response to majority of their questions was “no comment” due to the lawsuit they have pending towards Joseline Hernandez.

Check out my top 5 ratchet moments below.

Nikko refuses a lie detector test, he leaked the tape

Mimi tried to claim they were the first African Americans to be famous for a tape

Momma Dee Admits she still gets hot and bothered

Joseline and Stevie still lie about being married

Benzino standsoff with producer

Watch the Episode below

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In other Love and Hip Hop News, Momma Dee teeth slip out during a performance.



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