A Tru Lady’s Top 5 Ratchet Moments of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood EP. 4

This episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood surprisingly was not all about Teairra and her horrible drinking problem. Hazel E needs to remove the blinders or clean her ears immediately if she can not see Yung Berg is not even checking for her. It is clear she is just “reliable p*ssy”. Fizz and Amanda clearly have a few more issues to work out before moving in with each other. Soulja Boy attempts to prove to Nia he is ready to take it to the next level by “baby proofing” the house. He steps his foot down and reassures Nia he is not like her cheating father,  Teddy Riley. No disrespect but Omarion’s mother must suffer from a bipolar disorder as well. The way she attempted to ruin Apryl’s baby shower was real petty and crazy. Check out my top 5 ratchet moments of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood below.

Morgan threw so much shade behind Nikki’s back


Amanda seems to be a deer in headlights when it comes to decision making.


Omarion’s mom was way past disrespectful at Apryl’s baby shower.


Despite what he told Hazel, Yung Berg showed up to the awards with a date.


Morgan’s peacemaking caused mayhem.




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Author: kgfranklin