Baby Mamas Atlanta, Denver, Virginia & Los Angles

Ratchetness at its finest,  a new baby mama reality show will soon come into play, Baby Mamas: Atlanta, Denver,  Virginia, and Los Angeles. The title alone reeks of bullshit.  I’m sure it is just an online web series.

The cast consists of a pastor, a comedian,  a few writers, new baby mamas  old baby mamas. The stand out star appears to be rapper Yung Joc’s baby mama, who is writing a tell all book.

Joc is livid, TMZ leaks;

Love and Hip Hop” star Yung Joc says hite’ll do everything within his power to stop his baby mama from airing their dirty laundry on reality TV … starting with banning his kids from stepping in front of the camera.

Joc tells TMZ … he’s PISSED about his ex Hasina White signing on to a show called “Baby Mamas Atlanta, Virginia, Denver & Los Angeles” — yes, that’s the name.

The rapper says his lawyers are noodling over their options … in the form of legal options … explaining, “I will sue the dog s*** out of her if she even thinks about doing this show.”

Has reality-based shows become the backbone of America.  Just like the rest of the nation I indulge in the ratchetness but shows like this make me second guess a few things. The real behind reality shows is for fans to fall in love with a persona and eventually invest time and money into that persona, but does this show have that capability?  Watch the trailer below.



UPDATE 10/14/14.

Once word reach Joc’s baby mama Hasina about how he feels about this show, she claims to have no part in production. Hasina says she did not sign any paper work to be apart of the show.




Author: kgfranklin