Vine Lurking: #FloridaSupervineChallenge for #FSV3

You know I’m lurked out on social media sites half the time. Every week on Vine there is at least one person that everyone talks about and remakes vines about. With this weekend being the biggest vine meet up, Florida Supervine 3 (FSV3), it is only right that this week goes to an up incoming viner ZelThePrince, who is very enthused about attending this epic event.

If you are not familiar , the Florida Supervine is a weekend of events being hosted by Zoohouse in Daytona Beach, FL. This event is all inspired by the Social Network App Vine. This event is far from an actual meet and greet. Florida Supervine is more like the Allstar Weekend of vine meet ups. For more info check out In all the excitement of the FSV3, Zel took the time to create his own jingle. Watch below.



Just like every hashtag, once the right person got their hands on the original the remakes begin to overflow on the vine. Check out my top 5 Hilarious remakes  





Author: kgfranklin