Vine Lurking: #NationalBruhDay

You know I’m lurked out on social media sites half the time. Every week on Vine there is at least one person that everyone talks about and remakes vines about. This week goes to #NationalBruhDay.

It has been a year since the #BruhMovement swept the nation. If you are not familiar with the #BruhMovement it is all about someone addressing the wrong in a situation using one word, BRUH. The phrase has been around forever but one viner gave the phrase another life, Headgraphix.

This is Headgraphix vine that started it all


Bruh swept the nation with the vine remakes, a song, ringtone,  the BRUH button, the BRUH app and even mention on the Breakfast Club Morning Show. Watch the video below.




Check out my top 5 favorite BRUH Movement vines below.



Author: kgfranklin