DMX Sent To Jail For 6 Months Over Unpaid Child Support

DMX finds himselff locked up yet again. The Ruff Ryder’s recent arrest just resulted in him being sent to jail for up to half a year, behind unpaid child support.

TMZ spills the tea;


You can only fight the law for so long — DMX got thrown behind bars today, and if he’s lucky … he’ll be out for the holidays.
The rapper was jailed in Buffalo, NY on Tuesday for failing to comply with a family court ruling. DMX has a history of issues with child support with one of his baby mamas who lives in the area, and it finally caught up with him.
He was slapped with a 6 month sentence, and immediately locked up in Erie County Holding Center.
It’s kind of a numbers game — DMX has been repeatedly arrested for all sorts of violations, but hasn’t done hard time since 2011 … when he did a 7 month bit in AZ.



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