LHHH Nikki Mudarris and Mally Mall TAPE Leaked

Just a thoughts, the storylines on all the Love and Hip Hop shows are basically the same. The women sharing a man, failed marriages, manager/husband roles causing confusions, and the “leaked sextape” couple. The latest couple falling victim to a lead sextape goes to Nikka Mudarris and Mally Mal from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

The minute and half long footage was leaked to Twitter on Tuesday with the Nikki in rare form. While the two  partake in back shots in their homemade flick, Future’s “Thought it was a drought serves as the choice of music.


Initially Nikki obvisously had no problem owning up to the sextape, taking to  twitter to express her feelings. Unbothered


But after being accused of falsely leaking the tape she had this to say



How ironic this leaks as soon as the new season begins. What are your thoughts tea sippers?




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