Kevin Gates Admits To Using Heroin

Kevin Gates has always been a very outspoken individual but very intelligent. Gates has made a name for himself for his bizarre acts. He once admitted to sleeping with his female cousin, asking a groupie to give oral pleasure to his pit bull, and the list goes on and on.  But his latest outlandish remark has raised a few eyebrows.


The Baton Rouge rapper may have openly admitted to using heroin. In a recent interview with DJ Booth, Gates ends the interview with his his famous tagline with something extra. “Kevin Gates…’I Don’t Get Tired’–ever. I might duck every now and then when I’m on the heroin but I don’t get tired.”


#CatchTheTea While promoting his upcoming album #Islah , did #KevinGates admit to taking heroine?

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Is the Baton Rouge rapper joking or could he be serious? If this is true, the heroin use gives an explanation to some of the BWA rapper’s actions.



Author: kgfranklin