Khia Comes For Janet Jackson, Tamar Braxton, and More

Everyone’s favorite backyard performer Khia has risen again. This time she is throwing more shade than a palm tree. In a recent periscope video with TS Madison, Khia came for Janet Jackson, but with receipts!

Janet Jackson and Khia obviously have beef because Janet snatched Khia from their “So Excited” music video. Khia then begin to shade Janet’s new music, family’s reality TV show, and more.

Khia pulled out an email from producers of BET Life of Janet Jackson show, where they requested to use footage of Janet and Khia’s collaborative music video. The top flew off from their with Khia spilling all the tea;


“This is a publishing request for ‘So Excited. We’re doing a show about BET moments featuring Janet Jackson and we would like to use footage from her BET Access Granted on the making of the ‘So Excited’ music video. I want them to show yall the making of that video again so you can see all the lovely outfit changes and all how the Queen was looking beautiful in that video and then that hoe hated because she thought I was f****g Jermaine [Dupri] and cut me out all the scenes. ”

Khia did not stop there and went in about the Jackson’s new Lifetime reality show, “The Jackson’s: Next Generation.”

“I don’t know who all them funny looking children are. Ain’t nobody black on the show. Ain’t nobody look like Michael can’t nobody dance or sing….Just because I already see that the family is suffering enough after I watched the Jackson’s live, Ima forgive you,”

After forgiving Janet Jackson,Khia turned her attention to “The Real” talk show host, Tamar Braxton, dragging her threw the mud,

 “Yall know ‘Love Lost’ was better than Tamar’s last two albums. Tamar is aggravating as hell on that show with them girls…Y’all know that ain’t the mother f***kin real.”

Watch the full shadefest below. What are your thoughts Tea sippers?

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Posted by TS Madison Hinton on Monday, October 5, 2015



Author: kgfranklin