Black History: Before Rosa Parks, was Claudette Colvin

Most Black history has been hidden and white washed, so we have to tell our story for generations to come inherit much knowledge and awareness. In celebration of Black History Month is going to reflect and share interesting facts about our culture.

Rosa Parks is known as the first person to refuse to make their way to the back of the bus during days of segregation. History books fail to aknowledge Claudette Covin, a sixteen year old girl memeber of the NAACP Youth council. In 1955 Claudette refused to give up her seat to a white person on the bus in 1955, six months before Rosa Parks.



Claudette did not receive much attention because she had two odds against her, being a pregnant teenager in the 50s. Claudette was portrayed as ” “feisty”, “mouthy”, and “emotional”” and not as calm as Rosa Parks. Claudette Colvin wanted to speak out but encouraged to keep quiet by her mother. She says,

“My mother told me to be quiet about what I did. She told me to let Rosa be the one, white people aren’t going to bother Rosa they like her”




Author: kgfranklin