Kanye West Had Plenty To Get Off His Chest In Latest Rant

Last night (Feb 24) Kanye West took over the stage at Yo Gotti’s release party at 1 OAK in Las Vegas. Ye was frustrated with the media yet again. He took the time to mention Taylor Swift, Amber Rose with those ‘fingers in the booty,” and even releases a new track “Closest Thing To Einstein” Check it out below.



Kanye’s rant does not stop there. He let those twitter fingers move and addressed Bob Ezrin. Bob wrote an article critiquing Kaney West saying he is not the best. Bob wrote;

“Unlike other creators in his genre like Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie or even M.C. Hammer for that matter, it’s unlikely that we’ll be quoting too many of Kanye’s songs 20 years from now. He didn’t open up new avenues of public discourse like NWA, or introduce the world to a new art form like Grandmaster Flash, or even meaningfully and memorably address social issues through his music like Marshall, Macklemore and Kendrick.”



Check out Ye’s twitter response





Tea sippers are we completely over Kanye and his rants or is he speaking truth we want to here? Comment below. Also Check out “Closest Thing To Einstein” below.




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