Pastor Troy Demanding DNA Test of Minnie’s Baby

The relationship between Little Women Atlanta star, Ashley “Minnie” Ross, and Pastor Troy has been sketchy from the beginning. Either they were a couple or she was just a super fan once the show aired on Lifetime. Soon word hit the fan the Atlanta hairdresser was pregnant with Pastor Troy’s love child.


Minnie’s child would be Troy’s fourth child and he is demanding a DNA test before he claims that baby. He truly feels Minnie is causing all this ruckus for publicity. According to source, when asked about the baby Pastor Troy says,“I don’t know about all that rap […]We’re gonna have to take a DNA test!”. He also claims Minnie is just his “friend,”“That’s my homegirl,” he said. “She jumped at them now with the wildest story in the world about us being a couple! But we really are friends, and I never really shot [the rumor] down.”

So far, Minnie has not made any public statements regarding Pastor Troy’s DNA test demands…

But if the relationship and baby are just a rumor, why demand a DNA test? 1 plus 1 us not two in this situation. What do you think tea sippers? Comment your thoughts below.



Author: kgfranklin