Yung Joc Debuts New Permed Hair

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star and “rapper” Yung Joc has been dragged through the social media mud because of his new hairstyle. Ying Joc decided to take it back and have it fried, dyed, and laid to the side. Check it out below

joc 2


Yung Joc was not here for the slander and addressed everyone in an InstaVid. Joc claims this style may be for a new role.


#CatchTheTea Yung Joc says he is the wave, y’all just followers ??? #yungjoc #lhhatl

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Check out a few of my favorite memes below


IMG_4123 IMG_4114 IMG_4106 IMG_4098

This one took the cake!


Dying bout this 1 #WWJD

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