LAPD Find No Firearms in Chris Brown’s Home

Chris Brown has had one hell of a week. The R & B singer was accused of brandishing a gun in the face of a female guest to his home. Baylee Curran claims Chris Brown pointed a gun in her face after she made an attempt to touch his jewelry. According to reports police did not find a gun nor the jewelry.

LA Times reports;


Brown’s longtime attorney, Mark Geragos, told The Times that the performer has “cooperated fully” with police and he blasted the account of Baylee Curran. An actress and model, Curran told The Times that Brown pointed a gun at her head while she viewed a diamond necklace during a party at Brown’s home.

“It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated,” Geragos said. The lawyer noted that during the search of Brown’s home, the LAPD did not find the jewelry described by Curran nor any firearms

Since Baylee made these accusations her past has come to hunt her with grand larceny accusations, theft, lies and more.


Chris Brown took to Instagram to addresses fans and more

#CatchTheTea Chris Brown finally speaks #chrisbrown #bayleecurran

A video posted by #IAm A Tru Lady (@suchalady85_) on

Chris Brown has released “What Would You Do.” Check out the upbeat track below



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