Nelly In Tax Trouble

Nelly is attempting to fix his cash woes with tax officials. He owes a reported combined $2 million to the IRS and the Missouri Department of Revenue in unpaid state taxes from 2013. His reps say he’s working with both to settle his bill.

TMZ spills the tea;


Uncle Sam nailed Nelly with a $2,412,283 federal tax lien in August. The tab is so big, the IRS could start seizing his assets and property.

He’s also got state tax trouble — earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Revenue said the St. Louis rapper owed $149,511 in unpaid state taxes from 2013. He originally owed a mere $113,533 … but interest is a bitch.

Sources close to Nelly tell us he’s already working with the tax authorities to resolve the issues.



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