Tika Sumpter’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Tika Sumpter has been stunning the entire time of her pregnancy. There was just one question everyone was asking, “who is the father?” She has kept that information under lock and key until a recent interview.

The Haves and The Have Nots Star has been dating her costar Nicholas James for over a year on the low.


When asked about the pregnancy Tika says the pregnancy was a surprised and wasn’t planned.

My pregnancy wasn’t planned. I found out around Valentine’s Day, when my boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to San Diego. I never want McDonald’s, but I was like, ‘I need a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke now.’ They were still only serving breakfast, so I insisted we wait there until they started serving lunch. Afterward, I immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, my boyfriend was like, ‘Ha-ha! Are you pregnant?’ I said, ‘Maybe. Go get a test!’ He brought back a generic-brand test, and right away it said positive. I could not comprehend it. So I said, ‘Go get a name-brand test!’ He did, and that one said yes too. I still have the stick. I had to show it to my mom, because she didn’t even believe me when I told her.

Most women are rushing to get married and settle down but Tika says she is in no rush,

“One of the first questions my mother asked when she found out I was pregnant was ‘Are you going to get married?’ I’d love to, but maybe in a year or so. I’ve been with my boyfriend for more than a year and a half. Our relationship is not dependent on a ring. I love him to death, and he loves me to death, and that’s all that matters to me.”

These days over sharining is “key” but Tika chose to keep her personal life just that, personal and private,

“I didn’t want to hear, ‘Who’s the dad? Are you with the dad?’ Social media can be harsh, and I’m a mama bear, protective of my family. So that’s why I waited to tell people, including some friends. My friends weren’t mad at me. They said, ‘You did it the way you wanted to do it. You’re an inspiration.’

Congratulations to the couple! Tika is expecting to deliver her child in a month.



Author: kgfranklin