Chris Brown’s repeat Home Visitor Banned for 5 Years

An obsessed fan of Chris Brown has been ordered to stay away from him for 5 years. That includes shows, public appearances, & his houses. Danielle Patti is currently in a mental hospital. She was first arrested at his house last December, then again in April.


TMZ spills the tea;


Danielle Patti must stay away from Breezy, his home and his shows for 5 years … according to the judge’s order. Chris’ lawyer, Setara Qassim, was in court where it was decided Patti’s not a high risk right now — she’s currently in a mental hospital as a result of her last trespassing arrest at Chris’ house.
TMZ broke the story … she was first arrested in December at CB’s property, then again in April … when Chris says she shouted some graphic sexual comments.
Unclear when Patti will be released, but Chris can rest a little easier now.



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