DJ Ya Boy Earl Addresses Lil Snupe’s Documentary and Latest Mixtape Release

Just a few days after Lil Snupe’s documentary and highly anticipated mixtape “16 & Runnin Resurrected” releases, controversy has already began to surface.

Lil Snupe’s mother teamed up with Dreamchasers to release the mixtape but Earl claims otherwise. Earl took to the gram to express his thoughts.


Via his Insta Snap Earl breaks down what really was going on in Lil Snupe’s life. He talks about how he met Snupe and together they produced the mixtape that opened doors for the Jonesboro rapper.


In a message Earl also mentions;

She took the verses off me and his mixtape changed the verses and selling it.
When I met Snupe he told me his mothers boyfriend beat him and they threw him out. I didnt meet his mom until he passed and money was available.
thats why I helped him

WHOLE REASON I HELPED HIM IS BECA– — USE HE TOLD ME HE HAD NO PARENTS! Daddy locked momma worthless and letting men abuse him.



DJ Ya Boy Earl continued to say more in another video.


DJ Ya Boy Earl says “I’ll be the bad guy all day” in order to be heard. Explaining why he chose to speak on this matter, Earl says he “it’s not a weird story it’s a story that we know very well that happened in the black community constantly,” he continues to say,

that’s why I don’t care what anyone says they can talk all the shit they want the reason that I am here the reason that he isn’t here the reason that all of everything happened was because of the neglect of his mother

i’ll be the bad guy all day

it’s not a weird story it’s a story that we know very well that happens in the black community constantly

we can continue to ignore the issue or we can bring the issue to the forefront

we can black lives matter all you want but half the reason that black people are fucked up is because black people are fucked up. and they don’t police each other

police each other not on criminal activity but on moral activity as well.

What are your thoughts tea sippers? Comment your thoughts below.




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