Mariah Carey Burned a $250,000 Wedding Dress in Her “I Don’t” Video   

Mariah Carey sent the ultimate middle finger to her ex boyfriend billionaire businessman James Packer in her new video “I Don’t.” Allegedly he song is about her breakup with him. They two were engaged a year ago, but broke things off back in October.

In the now released the video, Mariah appears to be BURNING the custom $250,000 Valentino wedding dress that she was going to wear on their wedding day. She tosses it into a fire pit, and dances around while it’s engulfed in flames.

Allegedly the video was filmed at the mansion in Calabasas where Mariah and James were once living together. Do you feel she threw $250,000 down the drain or she could afford that lost? Here’s the video. She throws the dress in the fire at the 3:45 mark.



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