#AskALady “Pregnant By a Stranger”

Every week I take the chance to answer some tea sippers questions on my #CatchTheTea Podcast and #CatchTheTeaAfterDark. The questions are always quite interesting. Not only do I give my feedback but my guest co host answer the questions as well.

This week’s letter is from I’m not Trifling ;

Dear Lady, I’m in a messed up situation. Maybe you can help me like the Pastor sidechick. About four months ago I decided to live wild and on the edge. I was on this website called tagged. A husband and a wife were looking to add another person in their mix for one night. Always wanting to participate in a threesome I obliged and said yes.

I met them at a hotel and things moved very fast. The man and wife team took me over. I’ve never experienced anything like this! They were both rough and at the time I enjoyed it. Fast forward I started feeling sick and nauseated. Scared I may have an std, I went to the doctor. They ran some test and he told me I’m pregnant.

I tried calling they’re number and it’s not working and even the page is disconnected. I don’t know what to do. I’m pregnant and can’t find my child’s father. What should I do. I don’t want anyone else to know how I conceived this child. I’m embarrassed and scared

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Author: kgfranklin