Danrue and Nick Address Big Choo

Danrue and Nickpattiewhack have become viral sensations for their “we live baby” dancing videos. Creating merchandising, music and more. The originator of the “We live Baby”, Big Choo, made a video a few weeks ago claiming the two are going extremely too far by making money off something he created, the Peter  Piper dance and “We Live Baby” catch phrase.


Watch the video below.

Wuzzam Supa sat down with the dancing duo on her podcast, “DaSoupKitchen”, to get the real tea. Nick pops it off and tells his side of the story saying Choo is basically beefing with himself. Nick says in every video they made sure to pay homage to him and acknowledge who was their inspiration. He even admits they wanted to work with Choo but he eventually backed out the situation. Things turned left once the two began having merchandise for sell. The two basically feel they owe Choo nothing. They could have continue to do their thing and show no love at all.

Check out the details and how the two clear the air. The tea is spilled 8 minutes into the episode.

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