Nicki Minaj Performs “No Frauds” Ends with this Message

Nick Minaj took the stage in Paris and reunited with Drake. She seized the moment and performed here new record “No Frauds” but she closed out with a very interesting message, “If a n**** don’t know how to treat you, he got to get the f*** out your mother f***kin’ life.”

While gracing Paris with her presence, one can only speculate who Nicki was referring to in her cryptic message.

Was she referring to Meek Mill? This weekend pictures did surface with him and another young lady on his arm. Plus her new single “Regrets In Your Tears” was slick side shade to him as well.

Was she referring to Safaree? Now last week Safaree sat down on the Wendy Williams show claiming Nicki owes him for boosting her career. Safaree is even rumored to have a $2 million lawsuit against Nicki.

Who could it be, take the poll below and leave your comments

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