Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 3

The drama in Atlanta is like no other. Jessica Dime, Ariane, and Waka Flocka all make appearance on the episode. You thought the Creep Squad in New York was bad, the trio has nothing on Rod and his Sisterwives living situation.Kirk is obvisouisly falling down a rabbit hole since he cheated on Rasheeda with two different women! Tommie is turning over a new leaf but still keeping up her petty ways. Kirk finally tells the truth to Rasheeda. Waka Flocka is still trying to mend things between his wife Tammy.

Chile , check out my top 5 ratchet moments below.

Kirk admits to Rasheeda he lied about cheating

Tammy plays peace maker between the girls and Tommie

Rod is dating Sister Wives, who both slept with Kirk

Joseline takes Stevie J’s boxers to the DNA office and gets denied

Tommy and Dime go on a very interesting double date



Author: kgfranklin