Chrissy Teigen pays for fan to go to beauty school

Chrissy Teigen is paying for a young fan to go to beauty school. She’s been following the crowdfunding page of a young woman in Charlotte, NC. She donated $5,606, the cost of tuition. The girl was stunned, and has been thanking Chrissy all over social media.

According to reports;

Edney, who owns a natural-skincare-product company called Ixora Botanical Beauty, expressed her gratitude to Teigen on Twitter Friday, writing, “THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! @chrissyteigen I don’t even know how else to thank you right now.”

Tweeting to NBC News, Edney wrote, “I was at work, and I heard my PayPal alert go off. I saw the amount and said ‘what the hell? what’s wrong with PayPal?’ I thought it was a glitch.”



Author: kgfranklin