#BowWowChallenge Hits Social Media, Shad Moss Responds

Shad Moss, better known as rapper Bow Wow, always catches flack for flexing on the gram. Tuesday while preparing for a press run to promote his up coming show “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Shad claims he was taking a private jet to his next destination in New York. A fan snapped a real picture of how the rapper made it to the Big Apple, via the most commercial aircraft. Check the receipts below.

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Of course once Shad was called out for his flexing shenanigans the internet put  the brick on the gas for the jokes. Even Charlemagne gave Shad the “Donkey of the Day” for his flexing gone wrong. He deems Shad to be “a lil 10 year old rapper…living inside a 30 year old man.” Check it out below.

The #BowWowChallenge then grew legs on all social media platforms. Check out what Black Twitter had to say.

Shad responds to the madness while live on his IG

#CatchTheTea Bow Wow is trying to set the record straight about #bowwowchallenge ??spillinthetea.com #shadmoss

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#CatchTheTea Bow Wow claims to be unbothered by the internet today ?#bowwowchallenge spillinthetea.com

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Have you ever been caught flexing tea sippers? Comment below.