K Michelle Opens Up About “Buy You A Heart” Single with Meek Mill

K Michelle has been speaking her mind lately via her Twitter account. She recently spilled some interesting tea about the behind the scenes drama around her album “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart.”

K Michelle revealed Nicki Minaj hit single “Buy A Heart” was originally her track for her project but Nicki put a stop to the song. She claims the song was pulled off her project due to Nicki assuming her and Meek Mill were fooling around. Peep the tweets.

K continues and says she’s learned so many ugly truths in the industry but she will continue to be herself no matter what.

According to reports, Producer Arch The Boss spoke out about the situation back in 2015 saying;

Fast foward more months and it’s in K. Michelle’s hands. But I’m still waiting on the business end before anything is official, but nothing came from it,” he said. “Then the track list for her album comes out and there’s no mention of the track. But then there was a leak. This leak happened like the day I found out Nicki wanted it on her album so I’m like, ‘What’s going on? Who’s getting the track,’ I’m just as confused as anyone else.”

This explains why K has been working in the studio with Safaree. Tea sippers, is Nicki Minaj that insecure or is she really just the queen calling shots? Who do you think wouldve had the hotter record? comment below tea sippers.

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