Jay Z admits Relationship with Beyonce Started ‘Cracking’

Every week since the release of “4:44” Jay Z has been releasing footnotes about the album exclusively on Tidal. The footnotes are basically conversations situated around each song. Jay and a few other men in the industry tackle “Love” and “Relationships” from a man’s point of view. Jay openly admitted his marriage ‘wasn’t totally built on 100 per cent truth.’ He also says the ‘hardest thing’ he’s ever done is facing up to potential difficulties in his union and try to work them out. He insists the key to his relationship/marriage with Beyonce is honesty.

Not only did Jay Z open up about his marriage, but Chris Rock, Meek Mill, Will Smith speaks and Jessie Williams talk about his infidelities being put on blast in the media.

For those non tidal subscribers check out a snippet below.

Watch the full footnote below. What are your thoughts tea sippers?

In other Jay Z news, Jay-Z will embark this fall on his first run of dates for his ‘4:44’ album tour. He’ll be performing across the US and Canada with 31 dates announced so far



Author: kgfranklin