LL Cool J Reaches out to Maia Campbell After Disturbing Video, She Declines Help

LL Cool J reached out to help a troubled co-star after a disturbing drug video surfaced on Monday of Maia Campbell. She worked with LL Cool J on the 1990’s sitcom “In The House”. In the video Maia is at the gas station pumping gas for what appears to be a drug substance. Once the video went viral social media was in a slight uproar and couldn’t believe what our eyes saw.


Check it out below.

LL immediately asked for someone to point him in the direction of Maia. She posted a video after his outreach. She claims to be better and only wants him to help her put together a benefit concert for mental illness.

The young guy who originally made the post has apologized and claims he did not mean any harm by Maia.


According to a family friend Maia has since been sent to rehab for mental illness. What are your thoughts tea sippers?



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