Rob Kardashian claims Blac Chyna holding jewelry hostage

A jeweler came to Blac Chyna’s house last week with 7 pieces of jewelry, worth $250k. Rob Kardashian wanted her to pick one as a gift. She kept a ring and 3 bracelets. The jeweler wants the items returned. Lawyer Lisa Bloom says Rob must cover the costs of the “gifts”.


TMZ spills tea;

We’re told the jeweler has contacted Chyna several times, telling her the gift was off the table and asking her to return all of the items, but it’s fallen on deaf ears.
To add insult to injury, Chyna wore the 3 tennis bracelets to court Monday when she got a restraining order against Rob.

Chyna begs to differ. Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, who reps Chyna, tells us Rob outright gave her all 7 pieces as a gift so she had no obligation to return anything. Bloom says after Rob’s tirade, Chyna decided to return 4 items but kept the tennis bracelet set because she liked them and as she saw it returning 4 items that were legally hers was a gift to Rob.