Jay Z Reveals The Meaning Behind Rumi and Sir Carter Names

Rap Radar received a huge buzz after they released their podcast with Jay Z, where he spoke so candidly about the production of his album. He even opened up about a few things we all made speculation about; such as the elevator incident with Solange and Kanye West concert rants. The host of the Rap Radar podcast teased their was a part two to this interview and released it yesterday (Aug. 25.)

Jay Z opened up about fatherhood and his the amazement he has for his three lovely children. Jay talks about how Blue Ivy’s freestyle on “We Family.” He talks about how shocked he was his 5 year old daughter made the beat her own. Check it out.

Jay-Z also explained why he and Beyonce named their twins Rumi and Sir. Jay said,”Rumi is our favorite poet, so it was for our daughter.” He mentioned that Sir carried himself as if he demands the respect from birth. Watch the snippet.

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