Tenichia Wafford Claims Innocent In The Mystikal Sexual Assault Case

Just a few hours after rapper Mystikal turn himself into Caddo Parrish Jail, as reported on spillinthetea.com, Tenishia Wafford makes her way to the jail house as well. Before Tenichia turn herself in to the authorities, she took to her Facebook to explain her side of the story.

In the video Tenichia makes claims she made a phone call to the alleged victim to check on her and not threaten her about the pending case. She also gives a breakdown of events that took place on the night in question. Watch the entire clip below.

According to sources;

Everybody involved were popping pills, getting high and just engaging together. The girl’s boyfriend ended up leaving her alone and didn’t check on her for hours then all of a sudden when he came back she was screaming rape. When asked what took so long for the case to become public he said the evidence just now getting back and it’s for sure Mystikal had sex with her but it’s up in the air about the rape. Mystikal accomplice also says the rapper is innocent.


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