No indictment for Rapper Z-Ro in Assault Case

Back in July Z Ro was arrested for allegedly beating up his ex girlfriend Just Brittany. Brittany made reports that Z-Ro slapped her, beat her with a pistol and drug her around their home. Despite all of the evidence that Just Brittany had against him, a grand jury was not able to indict Z-Ro this Tuesday according to reports;

According to court records, a grand jury failed to indict Z-RO Tuesday on felony assault charges. TMZ broke the story … Z-RO’s ex-gf claimed the rapper slapped, punched and dragged her around his house while holding a pistol.
Brittany even handed over an audio recording of the alleged beating, prompting cops to arrest Z-RO in July.

Z Ro’s lawyer Charles Adams believes that the jury made this decision based on inconsistencies with the audio and Just Brittany’s written police statement.

Z Ro finally opens up about the case Watch below.

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