Al Sharpton working on getting Meek Mill a reduced sentence

Al Sharpton is making an attempt to help rapper Meek Mill out of his current jail situation. The activist made his way to visit Meek yesterday in prison and held a conversation about reducing his probation time. Al feels he can have the rapper set free because he plans to pressure Pennsylvania authorities to not only replace the judge on his case but also reduce Meek’s sentence. Watch his press conference snippet below.

Al also took to his Instagram to give details of his conversation with Meek Mill. Al compares Meek’s fight to James Brown, who also went through the same things with the judicial system. Al says he is determined to smooth the highway for all generations to come.

When Al asked Meek how he feels about his sentencing Meek says, ” I want my fight to be about more than me.” Watch Al below.

If you remember Al Sharpton was very active in negotiating Tupac’s release from solitary confinement back in the 90s. Do you feel Al still has the pull in the judicial system to help Meek? Comment below

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Author: kgfranklin