Lil Kim Says “A Snake Is A Snake” Referring to Nicki Minaj Beef

Lil’ Kim recently sat down with Ebro in the morning, where the question about the competitiveness in female rap became a topic of discussion. In the midst of answering her question of course the alleged  beef with Lil Kim and  Nicki Minaj becomes the center of the conversation. Kim says “you don’t come into the game disrespecting your idols.”  She also adds on;

A lot of these girls come into the industry like that. It’s whack…and it always catches up to you late. Karma’s a mother. At the end of the day it’s like..what me and Remy are doing – cuz everyone knows we had situations in the past, but what we are doing is boss. This is what guys do…This is what 50 and Fat Joe did – this is boss. When you’re with real, you recognize real.”

Which Kim is referring to an alleged diss track featuring Remy Ma. Until that releases the Hardcore rapper promotes  her latest single “Took Us A Break.”

Watch “Took Us A Break” below

Lil Kim also adds on that there are plenty of ways to clear the air between artist when it comes to “beef,” saying there are opportunities  to right a wrong. “A snake is a snake,” she adds.

Watch the interview below.

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