Meek Mill’s Attorney Says Judge Has a Vendetta Against Philly Rapper

On Monday, Meek Mill was sentenced to prison for violating probation stemming from a 2008 gun & drug case. His attorney claims the judge has a personal vendetta against the rapper.Joe Tacopina says she wanted him to leave Roc Nation to sign with a friend of hers.

According to reports Joe Tacopina says;

“She’s enamored with him. She showed up at his community service for the homeless people. She showed up and sat at the table. She’s a judge. You could pull any judge in America and ask them how many times they’ve showed up at a community service for a probation and the answer is zero.”

His lawyer also says;

Then, there’s a judge that’s supposed to be a fair, neutral arbitrator and oversee. Both the probation officer and the district attorney recommended no incarceration for these violations. No incarceration. But this judge excoriated both of them, challenged their credibility and overrode both law enforcement agencies recommendations and went from zero to two to four years, which shows that she clearly had a personal against this guy [Mill].

Check out Meek’s Mugshot below.

Jay Z took to the stage speaking on Meek’s behalf.



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