Tyrese Kidnaps Micheal Blackson

Apparently Tyrese social media is under watch, LAPD pulled up on the RB singeer once he shared footage of himself holding a bound and gagged guy hostage in his home. In the wee hours of the night Tyrese appeared to have kidnap comedian Micheal Blackson for all the jokes he made of him while he was going through his social media breakdown. Black Ty was in full effect,

“See the problem is, sh** is funny til it ain’t funny no more[…]Say something funny now, my na. You catch a na going through some personal sh** with my daughter[…]How you gonna be on my back on some funny sh** when I’m in the middle of a tragedy? You think that sh** funny, my n***a?”

Tyrese of course continued to “belittle and torture” and even pour baby oil on Blackson while on the Facebook live stream.

While viewing the live streams fans believed Tyrese went off the deep end and believed the torture was real. They soon began to notify the police cause the LAPD to swoop down on his home at 3am. Once officials arrived Black Ty and Michael Blackson informed authorities the video was nothing more than a “joke.” Check out the footage below.



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