Offset Cheated On Cardi B?

Christmas Eve night is suppose to be filled with cheer but instead the tea is pippin hot about 1/3 of The Migos creeping on his fiancé.

According to Famelous,

Someone got into Offset’s iCloud and released receipts showing he cheated on Cardi B this year with some girl. We spoke to Cardi B driectly about it & she confirms it’s him. Cardi tells FAMEOLOUS the hackers released videos of her as well, and she claims the hackers are sending her messages daily. Offset’s outfit and shoes gave him away. The rapper wore the same pants this year in September and Cardi also confirmed that it was in September. Cardi tells us that’s she sad about it and want to be left alone at the moment. The tea comes days after Cardi bought Offset a $400k car.

It appeared a crying Offset took to IG once the tea spilt.

Of course Black Twitter went in



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