Tamar Braxton reveals Vincent Herbert Arrested On Christmas and Has Fathered Another Child

Before the new year it’s best to air out all the negative energy and leave it behind. Tamar Braxton took that advice and ran with it early in the morning spilling all the tea about her estranged husband and “his whore” having a baby on the way.

Apparently Vince out here warming up Tamar’s side of the bed since she’s been gone with another woman. Not to mention he’s been locked up too! In Tamar’s post she said,

“Vincent Herbert is having a baby and his whore decided to tell me about it tonight!! That’s stupid broke a** whore should check public records on Christmas before she goes through with it!!,”

Oh the shade! She continues;

“He called back (despite his protection order parentheses ?)begging and lying…like he’s handing out with joe and Rocxi (from BET) oh yeah..? that’s credible..no shade..however, before u judge me know the FACTS!! He’s a real price of work!! Smh happy new year folks!! Ladies and gentlemen know threat 2018 is a FRESH start and If is can leave this list you can leave yours too??‍♀️.

Check out the police report below.

Somehow Laura Govan name was dragged into the mess. It’s very unclear If Laura the chick he’s smashing or is it one of friends. All I know I’m waiting for Gilbert Arenas to wake up cause we know he’s with the sh*ts.

It’s very interesting that Tamar dropped this bomb right after she shared a cryptic video of herself enjoying the message served Beyoncé’s classic break-up anthem, “Irreplaceable“.



Author: kgfranklin