#CTTExlcusive: J Holiday Has A Message for Cardi B, Sza & Beyonce

J. Holiday and to get some things off his chest, so like everyone else he took to social media to express how he really feels. Holiday wants female artist to stop using their personal experiences for inspiration in their music. Oddly enough the R & B singer calls out Beyoncé, Cardi B, and SZA. Hey says;

“I got daughters, man. Beyonce, Cardi B, SZA — all y’all motherfckers — stop using that fcking pain to make it okay to say some bullsht on your record and get nominated for a Grammy for going through some bullsht. Because so have I as a black motherf*cking man.”

The Grammy Awards nominations sparked these thoughts of his. He says black men are not acknowledge for the Grammys because the women make such relatable music with their pain.

Tea Sippers I’m riddle with confusion, what about you? Watch the clip below and leave your thoughts.



Author: kgfranklin