#CTTPoll: “Do You Think Cardi B and Offset relationship/marriage will last?”

A Tru Lady is bringing the tea to the streets with Catch The Tea Poll, Where she ask this weeks poll question dealing with current events, reality shows, and more!

Bardiset, Cardi B and Offset, has been through a few issues. According to reports Offset cheated on Cardi B before their engagement, a sextape is flying around, a few baby mama issues, and more.

Most relationships can’t last through a guy liking someone else’s IG pictures these days let alone cheating. Cardi says she is going to stay by her man no matter what. So Tea sippers do you believe their relationship will last or nah? Take this week’s poll below

Do You Think Cardi B and Offset relationship/marriage will last?

Watch what other tea sippers had to say.


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