Monique Wants Fans to Boycott Netflix, Wanda Sykes Responds

This past Friday Monique took to her Instagram to boycott Netflix. She explained the movie streaming site only wanted to pay her $500,000 for a Netflix comedy special. Monique was not interested in taking the money knowing both Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were paid $20 million for their specials. Not too mention Amy Schumer was given $11 million for her special.

Of course social media was in an uproar and all felt they weren’t interested. Check out twitter’s response below.



But Monique didn’t allow the backlash to stop her campaign. She went to Sway in the Morning radio show to continue to tell her story about being under paid and issues with Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and so many more in the industry. In the interview she says she is the most decorated comedian of all time. She also made the statement this boycott is not only for her but other black female comedians.  Check it out below.


Wanda Sykes also chimed in and claimed Netflix offered her the same janky deal.

What are your thoughts tea sippers? Do you agree with a boycott or nah?



Author: kgfranklin